Character Makes a Difference

Character Makes a Difference
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  • Author: Mike Huckabee
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How powerful is integrity? Just ask minister-turned-statesman, Mike Huckabee.As lieutenant governor of Arkansas in 1996, he was publicly cast between the ultimate rock and hard place when his boss, governor Jim Guy Tucker, refused to resign despite his felony convictions in the Whitewater scandal. Holding fast to the tenets of honor and faith, and his concern over what was best for the state's people, Huckabee led the impeachment charge against his superior before a televised audience. That same day, Tucker resigned, and Huckabee would serve as governor of Arkansas until 2007, winning many national honors along the way.This book is a biographical account of how he handled that potentially major constitutional crisis and why he believes character is the key issue in everyone's life, "in the work you do, the candidates your vote for, the people who look at you for leadership."