Treasure in Clay: The Autobiography Of Fulton J Sheen
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Treasure in Clay: The Autobiography Of Fulton J Sheen

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  • Author: Fulton Sheen
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Fulton J. Sheen was an extraordinary priest, author of some sixty books, pastor of a radio and television congregation numbering thirty million, and surely the most loved and celebrated Catholic prelate of the twentieth century. Here, in Sheen's own words, are reflections from his childhood, his years in seminary, his academic career, his extensive travels, his media stardom, and more. A wealth of anecdotes enriches this wide-ranging memoir-stories from his experiences as an orator and preacher, from his many papal audiences, from Vatican Council II. With text enhanced by a wonderful assortment of photographs that capture the flavor and spirit of Sheen's illustrious life, fans young and old will cherish this autobiography for years to come. For it is, without doubt, a lasting testament to a life that was worth living.